Services We Provide

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CAC 058680
   Services we provide

     Repair and install all major brands of residential and
     commercial air conditioning equipment.

     Install High Efficiency Ductless Split Systems

     Perform routine maintenance on systems to
     achieve the maximum operating efficiency.

     Provide Service contracts to keep equipment running properly and avoid potential problems.

     Advise customers on current savings on new equipment such as Manufacturer's rebates, FPL Rebates, and Government Federal Tax Credit.

     We only use EPA approved and
eco-friendly products

     Free Estimates on New Equipment

     Whole Home Air Filtration
Indoor Air Quality
  Evaporator Coil Clean

   Performing a coil acid wash will result in removing 100% of the microbial growth that
   has occurred over the years. Families with pets should especially be careful as pet
   dander can initiate the growth of mold or other microorganisms.

  UV Lamp Systems

   UV Lamps Keep Coils Free of Mold, Bacteria,and other microorganisms.
   UV Lamps zap the mold and bacteria that can sometimes grow in the moist
   environment of your air conditioning or indoor coils. This way, unhealthy
   pollutants are killed and won't circulate through your family's home.

  Features of a UV Lamp

   Kills bacteria & mold growing on the indoor coil
   Enhanced indoor air quality
   Silent operation
   Enhanced air flow
   Minimizes microbial build-up on coils
   Improves system efficiency
   Reduces algae growth in drain pans

When choosing a filter it is a good idea
to use one of better quality. A pleated
filter will catch more particles than a
fiberglass or hog hair filter. You can get
a pretty good idea of how well it will
work by holding the filter up to the light.
Using the more expensive pleated filters
will save cost in the long run because
they will keep the evaporator coil clean
which will (1) save energy and (2) save
on the cost of a coil clean especially if
the coil needs to be removed from the
air handler.

Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters have several layers
of filtering material in which a charge is
induced by the friction of the air
between the layers of filtering materials.
The charge attracts household dust,
particulates, and pollutants including,
pollen, lint, plant and mold spores,
tobacco smoke, bacteria, human and
pet dander, and dust mites. These
filters can be especially beneficial to pet
owners, families with young children,
and people with breathing problems or
allergies. Electrostatic filters can be up
to twenty five times more effective than
disposable filters, are easy to clean,
and come with a lifetime warranty!
The electrostatic filters that we supply
contain an anti-microbial agent which
helps prevent the growth of mold and
If you are a health conscious person and have a concern
with the indoor air quality of your home, make sure you've
done research on the UV light and the Electrostatic filter.
We highly recommend the combination of a good UV Lamp
system and an Electrostatic filter to provide cleaner air for
your family and extend the life of your air conditioning